The Fun Stuff at VMworld 2010

Much of my planned activities for the blog didn’t work out this year. Not too much in the sessions or keynotes that was worth a blog post yet. Expect some View 4.5 and vCloud Directory posts once I can get it in the lab. Probably the most useful parts of VMworld were the discussions at the Thristy Bear, Bloggers Lounge, Chieftain, over breakfast or dinner among many other places. There was a great turn out for the In-n-out trip noting that it took around 30 minutes on public transportation to get there. This post is sharing some of the few experiences* I had and the couple of pictures I thought to make while in San Francisco. I met a lot more people than last year. I couldn’t even begin to name them all off but it was a great time hanging out with all of you enjoying a few drinks and talking Virtualization and Storage and other topics.


This is the hall in our hotel. I kept seeing these twin girls at the end of the hall. It was scary.


Here is proof of my In-n-Out take down. Double Double and Fries welldone. Several people showed up. I hope everyone enjoyed it. I do not think any In-n-Out vs Five Guys battles were decided though.


I hung off the of the Cable Car all the way back to Powell and Market. Jase McCarty @jasemccarty and Josh Leibster @vmsupergenius


The view from the top of the hill and the front of the Cable Car. The picture does not do justice to how steep the hill is.


Random shot at the Veeam party.


A couple of VMware R&D Managers I met at the CTO gathering before the VMware party. Steve Herrod hosted a party that included a great mix of vExperts and some of the thought leaders at VMware. Great chance to meet some people, @kendrickcoleman beat me down in wii bowling though. I will be practicing until next year.


Proof that I at least made it to the door of the CTO party, by Wednesday I had a pretty good collection of flare on my badge. TGI Fridays made me an offer but I didn’t want to move my family back to the West Coast.


A less fuzzy picture with Rich Brambley @rbrambley and Rick Vanover @rickvanover. I am honored to just hold the sign for these guys.


The Veeam party got bit crazy when 17 Princess Leia’s showed up.


The EMC vSpecialists roll up on VMworld 2010, there was at least 4000 more people at VMworld than last year. 3500 of them were from EMC. Actually found out they were real guys (and girls) and were really cool. Really good conversations about virtualization were had with many of these guys. If you haven’t seen it yet Nick Weaver @lynxbat and other vSpecialist put together a pretty good rap video. Check it out here

*in the event I did not have actual pictures of the event artistic liberties were taken.

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