VMworld 2011 – In-n-Out

I will be wearing a different shirt at VMworld this year, but that is not important. What is important is getting to In-n-Out.

Glad to see this year that Tim Oudin is organizing a run over to In-n-Out. I am planning an “afters” trip to In-n-out Monday night. Immediatley following the VMworld welcome reception we will pack folks into a cab and enjoy a Double Double (animal style).

Can’t wait to see you all again in Vegas this year.

7 thoughts on “VMworld 2011 – In-n-Out”

      1. Hey Jon, just to be perfectly clear, are you meeting at the In-N-Out at Dean Martin and Tropicana?  That seems to be the most convenient location though there is a one a by the university as well.

  1. Random side note, for those not familiar with In-N-Out. They now (or always) have had a “flying dutchman” style burger where they’ll take the mean, sauce, and onions, and put it in a tray for you to eat. Sometimes the “protein style” burger (wrapped in lettuce) is nice for those trying to go gluten free, but often too messy.

    Anyway you’re going to drive this year Jon and want to make a stop in AZ? 8^D

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