What is up at VMworld 2011

First of all I would like to thank my wonderful wife for letting me go to VMworld one week after our new daughter was born. Don’t worry, we have family in town so she is being take care of. This is a post that I wanted to write a week ago but I have been unplugged for a week to enjoy the before mentioned new child.

So what is going on at VMworld this year?


First up is v0dgeball. This is a great idea to let some of the vendors battle it out on the Dodgeball court and all the proceeds go to Charity. This year the Wounded Warrior project will receive the proceeds from the event. Please check out the details here. It is Sunday night so hopefully you are reading this in time.




In-n-Out Burger Run #v-in-n-out

As I have already mentioned a few times come we will be meeting up for some Double Double fun Monday night after the welcome reception and have you back in time to go to a party or two.
Details are here.


Do you have Leakage? Stop Leaks with Your Cloud

As someone that is back in the business of diapers I couldn’t help myself. One of the biggest obstacles to Public Cloud adoption is the loss of security and control. Is the public cloud is actually less secure? The answer really depends, but there are some of us still want to have that control and monitoring. Even though you think your company is not in the public cloud you may be surprised to find that certain projects that should be inside your walls have been using public cloud offerings to provide the on demand elastic resources that they could not get from internal IT. This is what we call leakage. Unauthorized movement of your data to a public cloud offering. Now this may be against policy, but how do you know this is not happening. One knee jerk reaction is to block everything and fire anyone that looks at an outside resource. Instead of playing defense I would rather advocate going on the offensive. Start to use your existing infrastructure to provide private cloud services. Use automation, monitoring, and management tools to make it a reality without killing the infrastructure teams. By providing on-demand service you provide a controlled alternative to the public cloud. Transitioning then to a Hybrid Cloud in order to provide the burstability with service providers infrastructure using the same VMware and EMC technology that you are used to using in your Enterprise.

Am I saying Hybrid Cloud is a diaper? Not sure. I will be in the EMC booth this week discussing how to use VMware and EMC technology to enable Your Cloud.

I look forward to making some updates to what is new as the show goes on.

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