My VMworld Session – Enterprise PaaS

If you have a session I missed please put it in the comments are yell at me on twitter.

My submission


I had 2 other sessions that seemed to be the exact same submissions as a certain VP from EMC, so I stuck with 5351 Enterprise Platform as a Service. – How IT will compete for internal business customers. There was an alternative title to this session and I promise to reveal it if my session gets approved. and make sure you vote!

SO. MANY. Sessions. Here are a few others I found interesting.

Other Sessions I see as interesting.


This should be very interesting, two very smart and interesting folks, Wade and Matt. Really looking to see some new faces on stages this year.


HMA was a customer of mine before I moved to a role in the EMC solutions group. It will be good to hear how they are leveraging cloud in their 80+ facilities.

Cloud Foundry and Puppet


I am on a Cloud Foundry/PaaS/DevOps/Next-Gen Apps kick as of late.


Must admit, Jonas rocks. Magnus is pretty cool too. Razor and SDS should prove to be a informative and not boring session.

PaaS Related


I am extremely interested on how to get from “Here is a VM” to “Here is an API, write some code”

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