EMC and ScaleIO – Give me your flash

So today EMC announced the acquisition of ScaleIO. So before you start talking about Amazon be sure the read the announcement, closely.

Pool your Flash


This is s slide from the release of all the new flash products earlier this year. Remember XtremSW? Well see that grey pooling area? Yeah just imagine how ScaleIO will slide right in.


Now expect to get more details from the smart people like Chad Sakac but I wanted to get the word out about what the target is for ScaleIO. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Some cool stuff I have learned, but this is so new please check other blogs and EMC pages for more detail.

1. Pools internal storage and presents as a block device to the host.
2. Will be used to extend the XtremSF and SW capabilities
3. Is just one part the bigger EMC Software Defined Storage strategy. Think about the other Scale Out type storage products from EMC, like XtremIO and OneFS on Isilon. Now to you can scale out that internal flash and make a big pool. Very cool.


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