Upgrading K8s to 1.17.4 and PSO to 5.1.0

This morning I needed to upgrade one of my dev clusters to 1.17.4. I decided to capture the experience. Don’t worry I speed up the ansible output flying by

I use Kubespray to deploy and upgrade my clusters. I didn’t do anything really to prepare. All of my clusters I can rebuild pretty easy from Terraform if anything breaks.

git clone git@github.com:kubernetes-sigs/kubespray.git
cd kubespray
## Make sure you copy your actual inventory. For more information see the kubespray github repo
ansible-playbook -i inventory/dev/inventory.ini -b -v upgrade-cluster.yaml
Take some time and upgrade

Watch it go for about 40 minutes in my case. Remember this is a dev cluster and the pods I have running can restart all they want. I don’ t care. Everything upgrades through the first part of the video. Now lets upgrade Pure Service Orchestrator.

helm upgrade -n pure-csi pso pure/pure-csi -f dev-values.yaml


Now if you watch the video you will notice I had to add the Pure Storage helm repo. This was a new jump box in the lab. So I had PSO installed just not from this actual host. It is easy to add. More details are in the Pure Helm Chart README.

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