Kubectl – check all the contexts

Every so ofter I get in a situation where I need to see if my configuration is still valid for every cluster in my Kubernetes config. I blogged a while back about managing multiple configs. Then, eventually, your K8s config ends up looking like this:

Some k8s clusters
Then TKG comes and helps it multiply

It gets tedious to go through every config like this:

kubectl config use-context <the next context>
kubectl get pod
<blah blah>

Through a little googling I now use this command to go through each cluster and run a command.

kubectl config get-contexts -o name | xargs -I {} kubectl --context={} get nodes -o wide

Now I can quickly see if a cluster fails to authenticate because I did something like rebuilt it and didn’t update the configuration on my local machine.

Another favorite of mine is:

kubectl config get-contexts -o name | xargs -I {} kubectl --context={} get pvc -A

Since I have to check all the storage on each cluster.

PVC’s for days

Yes, there is a theme to my cluster names and users.

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