This makes me want to punch Apple – OS X in a VM

UPDATE: I found a fix and posted now.

I purchased a Mac Mini.
It has 16 GB of Memory. So why not run a VM for dev purposes. Not so fast my friend, as Lee Corso would say.

The official VMware Fusion KB says use the app you downloaded from the App Store.

So what if I purchased OSX Mountain Lion pre-installed on my mac?
The mac centric forums seem to be no help since those users seem to have no concept of a VM.


I sure won’t buy it twice. Since I already laid down money for it once.

Then I found this article on how to get the image from the recovery partition.
With a few tweeks I was able to boot the VM in Fusion and I though I was home free. Until I was told to enter my Apple ID and quickly rejected since I did not purchase Lion. Not to mention the MOUNTAIN Lion looking at me like, “take that! Punch in the gut straight from Steve Jobs.”


Whatever, time to install Ubuntu Desktop or something.

Serious though if you got this to work somehow please let me know.

Don’t Delete anything. Ever!

Ok, so after a stressful morning I am writing mainly to tell myself never delete anything, ever again.

Anyone else, if you don’t know vmware very well, don’t try to manipulate your vmdk files. Probably should not perform this combo of commands:

1. snapshot
2. snapshot
3. revert to here.
4. extend disk
5. extend disk
6. extend disk
7. Call consultant and say you don’t know what happened it just isn’t working.

Extending a vmdk is not instant, and requires additional steps in Windows to actually see it work. Please please please start using VCB to backup your vmdk’s. Plus Backup Exec needs to do a SQL backup if you want your databse to work again.